Equitable Public Adjusters are backed by 50+ years of claims handling experience. We can make a difference in your new, closed, or re-opened insurance claim too.

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Equitable Public Adjusters provides..

  • Insurance Claims Adjusting

    We have substantial expertise helping policyholders receive the maximum amount they deserve.

  • Commercial Claims Adjusting

    We have the experience your HOA, Condo Association, Commercial or Industrial Business needs to deal with your insurance company.

  • Residential Claims Adjusting

    We have decades of experience helping Homeowners get the most from their insurance policies.

  • Serving the areas of:

    West Palm Beach

    Boynton Beach

    Tampa Area

    & all of South Florida!

What will Equitable Public Adjusters do for you?

  • • We represent the rights of an insured during an insurance claim process.
  • • We prepare and submit all the required documents to your insurance company.
  • • We review your claim even if you have already settled with your insurance company.
  • • We can re-open your insurance claim and collect any additional money you should have received.
  • • We can appraise any and all damage that may be pertinent to an insurance claim.
  • • We will identify the exact values of your property.
  • • We will negotiate your insurance settlement on YOUR behalf.

So how much does our service cost? Don't worry... you don't pay anything unless we collect for you!
Serving West Palm Beach, Tampa, and all South Florida - Call Toll-free 877-869-8989 Today!

Leonard Pisciotto

For Claims in South Florida

Leonard PisciottoLeonard Pisciotto
Not licensed - Retired
Toll-free | 877-869-8989
Cell | 561-634-1374
Fax | 877-521-6762
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Leonard Pisciotto, Jr.

For Claims in West Palm Beach & South Florida

Leonard Pisciotto, Jr. Leonard Pisciotto, Jr.
License Number - E108900
Toll-free | 877-869-8989
Cell | 561-843-4040
Fax | 877-521-6762
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Shawn Thompson

For Claims in Greater Tampa Bay & Central Florida

Shawn Thompson Shawn Thompson
License Number - W061581
Toll-free | 877-869-8989
Cell | 352-502-5928
Fax | 877-521-6762
Email | click here