Filing insurance claim for roof damage is a process of great complexity. Preparing a winning case file requires extensive knowledge of the legal procedures involved and attention to the smallest details as well. In what follows, we will summarize the steps of the:

  • Recording the exact time and circumstances of the damage and documenting the event – insurance companies need to know exactly how and when the damage happened and they will probably ask questions about the condition of the property prior to the damage.
  • Obtaining expert opinions and cost estimates from independent, third-party contractors – this is another very important phase of filing insurance claims because the amount of the compensation will be determined based on these expert opinions
  • Preparing and submitting case files – filing insurance claim for roof damage involves complex documents that need to be formulated in a professional manner.
  • Negotiating with the insurance companies – when insurance companies receive a case file, they assign one of their own adjusters to the case to negotiate the terms of compensation. The insurer’s adjuster will inspect the site of the damage, will review the case and will propose ways of solutioning it – this is the phase when the actual negotiation starts.
  • Completing negotiations – the negotiation phase ends with a consensus regarding the amount of the compensation, and you can start obtaining written quotes from contractors who can carry out the repair works.
  • Scheduling and carrying out the repairs – the contractor you choose repairs the damage and issues a letter of completion to be sent to the insurer.

The above description of the claims process is simplified and schematic, but it can give you a general idea about how complicated can get.

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Leonard Pisciotto, Jr. is the Owner of Equitable Public Adjusters & Appraisers, and Licensed as a Public Adjuster by the State of Florida.He has over 10 years of handling claims for one of the largest insurance companies in Florida, has Developed and managed a claims office of 20 Claim Adjusters.In addition, Mr. Pisciotto, Jr. is a Claims law graduate and Stetson University graduate.

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