Getting Professional Help with Insurance Claim – Hiring a Public Adjuster

Public adjusters are the only legal experts who can represent your interests and offer professional help with insurance claim; and the most reputable, experienced legal experts will give you even more than that: passion, sympathy and attention to every detail. Read More →

Does Insurance Cover Roof Leaks? Expert Answers from Public Adjusters

It seems that more and more people nowadays are wondering: “Does insurance cover roof leaks?” The damage caused by leaking roofs can be not only extensive, but also extremely costly to remedy, and the claims regarding such compensations are very Read More →

How a Good Florida Public Adjuster Can Help You Get the Compensation You Are Entitled to – the Advantages of Public Adjusters

Filing insurance claims in Florida can be a difficult, time consuming, tedious and often overwhelming task: if your property has suffered any damage, you will need to take care of extensive paperwork and to engage into negotiations with your insurer, Read More →
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Leonard Pisciotto

For Claims in South Florida

Leonard PisciottoLeonard Pisciotto
Not licensed - Retired
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Leonard Pisciotto, Jr.

For Claims in West Palm Beach & South Florida

Leonard Pisciotto, Jr. Leonard Pisciotto, Jr.
License Number - E108900
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Fax | 877-521-6762
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Shawn Thompson

For Claims in Greater Tampa Bay & Central Florida

Shawn Thompson Shawn Thompson
License Number - W061581
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